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Using the wrong light when starting your bussiness is the biggest trouble thing. Therefore, don’t be penny-wise and pound-fool.

Lighting solutions without professional design

Customers do not want to enter the shop, or enter into the shop but not want to stay for long time.

The lighting fixtures have not passed the CCC certificate or can not meet the CE standards.

Leading to: hidden danger of the fire, excessive radiation, annoying stroboflash

Poor optical effect of lighting fixture

Reduce the value of the goods, or can't highlight the selling point of goods.

The biggest loss is not only the lighting fixtures but also the business of the shop -www金沙澳门金沙总站6165com

LED Industry Problems

  • 01

    Even though the LED industry development is too fast, the national standards has not started to guild the market. So the quality of LED lighting fixtures products is uneven in the market.

  • 02

    There is a fierce competition in the LED industry. Many companies are under pressure to survive, hit the quality bottom line at a low price strategy to grab market;

  • 03

    LED industry is complex and diverse, if consumers have no professional knowledge or equipment can not identify the quality of products. And the quality problem will usually appear after one year or half one year.

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    There are a lot of informal factories whose product quality cannot be guaranteed (no R&D technical team, production equipment, testing instruments and so on ).

5 must-choose commercial lighting suppliers

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    • Q:Whats the price?

      A:It's depend on the customer's requirment,different demand has different standard,but we will provide our customer the best solution and the most competitive price.

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